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Professional ELT Associations


International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)

With members in over 100 countries, IATEFL is the world's most international organisation for professionals in the field of English language teaching. In three editorial roles with IATEFL, I have edited papers by some of the best-known names in ELT, and I have helped hundreds of first-time writers to see their words in print.

  • Voices (editor, 2018-present). ​I have been editor of IATEFL's bimonthly teacher development for over four years. Voices is distributed in print and digital format to around 10,000 IATEFL members and associates around the world. In this role I source and edit articles on all aspects of English language teaching and learning. I work closely with IATEFL Head Office and editorial/design team. I am stepping down as Voices editor in March, 2023.​

  • Conference Selections (editor, 2010-2020). ​Conference Selections is the proceedings of the annual IATEFL Conference held every spring in the UK. It is a refereed publication of 240 pages. I selected papers to be published; organised papers into thematic chapters; edited manuscript; proofread the final document. In my ten years as editor of Conference Selections, I edited over 1,000 short reports of talks and workshops.​

  • MaWSIG (editor, 2016-2018). ​MaWSIG is the IATEFL Materials Writing Special Interest Group. I am a past MaWSIG Committee member, and for two years I edited posts for the regular MaWSIG blog.

Alberta TESL (ATESL)

  • Best Practices (2021). Editor of 230-page document for teachers, including curriculum, instruction, assessment, literacy, technology, language for work, Indigenization, LGBTQ inclusion.

Thank you Tania for dedicating 10 good years to editing one of the best resources for ELT professionals worldwide. You've simply been, and still are, the best editor I've ever worked with.

Dr. Harry Kuchah Kuchah,

Past President, IATEFL

University of Leeds, UK

Publishers and Training Providers

Teacher Training/Development Materials

  • Training Course for Health Care Educators. Saudi Health Academy, Saudi Arabia (2021). Content/copy editor.

  • Language Course Planning. Oxford University Press, UK (2017). Content editor.

  • Critical Thinking. Mentoring Minds, USA (2017). Content/copy editor of resource book for K–12 teachers.

Learner Materials (Selected Titles)

  • English for Academic Skills. Epigeum (now OUP), UK (2015). Content editor of online EAP materials.

  • Reading Explorer, Book 5, 2nd ed. Cengage-National Geographic, Singapore (2014). Copy editor, proofreader.

  • Communicating with Grammar, Book 2. Oxford University Press, Canada (2013). Content editor.

Individual Researchers

  • Various (2013–present). Provide academic editing and proofreading for individual researchers; work on journal articles, theses, dissertations, research proposals, book-length manuscripts, and other academic/scholarly texts. Ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to the language and formatting requirements of the publication or university. Manuscripts address issues in ELT, education, and other subject areas.

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