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Conference Presentations and Workshops

  • Strategies for Successful Speaking Classes. BC TEAL, Vancouver, BC, Apr. 2019.

  • Writing EAP Speaking Materials: Ten Principles. IATEFL, Liverpool, UK, Apr. 2019.

  • Troubleshooting in the EAP Speaking Class. Pearson ELT workshop. St. Catharines, ON, Nov. 2018.

  • Teach Your Students to Think Critically. Webinar for Pearson ELT Canada, Oct. 2018.

  • Effective Worksheets for EAP Reading Classes. IATEFL Materials Writing Special Interest Group conference, Oxford, UK, Jun. 2018.

  • Critical Reading: English for Academic Purposes. Invited workshop. College Ahuntsic, Montreal, Canada, Mar. 2018.

  • Beyond Teaching: How to Get into Materials Writing and Editing. TESL Toronto, Toronto, ON, May 2016.

  • Write Your Own ESAP Materials. IATEFL ESP SIG PCE, Birmingham, UK, April 2016.

  • Critical Reading for College and University Students. Webinar for Pearson ELT USA, Oct. 2015

  • Questions Critical Readers Ask. TESL Canada, Lake Louise, AB, Oct. 2015.

  • Towards the Critical Review. BC TEAL, Vancouver, BC, May 2015.

  • Critical Reading Skills for College and University Students. TESOL, Toronto, ON, Mar. 2015.

  • ESL in the Workplace  (panel member). Peterborough Partnership Council, Peterborough, ON, June 2014.

  • Write Your Own EAP Materials.TESL Toronto, Toronto, ON, May 2014.

  • Critical Reading for EAP. Ken Lackman and Associates seminar series, Toronto, ON, Nov. 2013.

  • A Postsecondary Perspective on EAP in Ontario (panel member). TESL Ontario, Toronto, ON, Oct. 2013.

  • Make the Move to EAP. Ken Lackman and Associates seminar series, Toronto, ON, Sept. 2013.

  • A Systematic Approach to Teaching Critical Reading. IATEFL ESP SIG PCE, Liverpool, UK, April 2013.

  • Working with Academic Articles: Encouraging Critical Analysis. TESL Ontario, Toronto, ON, Nov. 2012.

  • Supplementary Activities for ESAP Business Classes. IATEFL ESP SIG PCE, Glasgow, UK, Mar. 2012.

  • Think Critically, Respond Fluently! TESL Canada, Halifax, NS, Apr. 2011.

  • Swapshop on Critical Reading Activities for EAP Students. IATEFL, Brighton, UK, Apr. 2011.

  • Creating Critical Reading Materials for EAP Students. TESL Toronto, Toronto, ON, May 2010.

  • Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Plagiarism. Instructional Development Centre, Trent University, Jan. 2009.

  • Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Plagiarism (high school version). Lakefield College School, Lakefield, ON, Nov. 2008.

  • Culture in the Second-Language Writing Classroom. TESL Ontario, Toronto, ON, Nov. 2008.

  • Writing across Cultures (symposium convenor). IATEFL, Exeter, UK, Apr. 2008.

  • Strategic Competence in Vocabulary Learning among EAP Students. TESL Ontario, Toronto, ON, Nov. 2007.

  • Critical Reading Activities for EAP Students. TESL Ontario, Toronto, ON, Nov. 2005.

  • Teaching Academic Culture to EAP Students. IATEFL, Cardiff, UK, Apr. 2005.

  • Working with ESL Students: Challenges and Strategies. Instructional Development Centre, Trent University, Feb. 2003. 

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What Participants Are Saying...


This session was amazing and beyond what I expected. Tania also teaches the same sector (university - bridge students) so she clearly understands their needs. She gave us amazing ideas, and I found the workshop to be interesting, engaging and most of all, relevant.



Amazing. Best one of the day. Clear, organized, appropriately named for her audience, not disappointed in any way!


One of the best presentations I have ever attended anytime, anywhere. The presenter demonstrated that thorough preparation, solid knowledge, a warm, flexible but professional approach to delivery, a communicative task-based activity, and an obvious passionate commitment to teaching results in participants walking out saying "I'm on a high"!! Thank you so much. Please repeat the presentation next year! 


The materials and opportunities to work together were very helpful in terms of giving me ideas of what kinds of tasks to provide with academic articles. 


The presenter was very engaging and encouraged a lot of participation. The materials she provided were varied in terms of topic and made for interesting discussion. This presentation was definitely enjoyable, informative and worthwhile.


Tania Pattison was excellent - I got a lot out of her workshop/presentation - lots of good advice, and she also shared lots of good examples from her own experience getting into the writing and editing industry.


As a freelance writer and editor with some experience, hoping to get more, this was extremely helpful. A lot of links and info was shared--much of it in a handout. This was easier than having to find it online somewhere.


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